Avoid Making These 3 Common Thermostat Mistakes in Chatham, IL

Whatever the age or model of your thermostat, you’ll do yourself and the others in your home in Chatham, IL, a big favor by using it properly. Below are three common mistakes that homeowners make with their thermostat and their consequences in your house.

Cranking Down the Thermostat

When the summer heat arrives in the area, you want to cool your home as quickly as possible, so you crank down the thermostat below the usual 70 degrees thinking that this will speed things up. In reality, though, the thermostat has no control over speed. It only tells the AC system when to turn on and off.

By cranking down the thermostat, you cause the air conditioner to run longer until it reaches the set point. Even if you don’t freeze by the time the system shuts off, you’ll be wasting a lot of energy in the meantime.

Shutting Off the Thermostat

Let’s say you go on vacation and shut off the thermostat completely because no one will be home. This means that for the week or the several days that you’re gone, the heat will batter your home and cause damage, perhaps even encouraging microbial growth. Keeping your thermostat and HVAC system on at a moderate temperature will help you avoid this.

Not Calibrating the Thermostat

As a part of AC maintenance, service technicians should be calibrating the thermostat. This lets the thermostat read the indoor temperature correctly so that it can switch the air conditioner on and off at the right times. Many homeowners neglect this and pay the penalty by getting a home that’s either too cold or not quite cool enough.

Serving Homeowners Since 1985

At Yard Heating & Cooling, we provide all types of HVAC repairs, including thermostat repairs, at a reasonable rate. Call today to schedule an appointment. We also offer a wide range of thermostats and recommend that all homeowners get programmable models.

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