Is My Heat Pump in Taylorville, IL, Beyond Repair?

Heat pumps should last for many years and offer warmth and cooling. Although they’re dependable and efficient, they sometimes require repairs or replacement. The following are some reasons for heat pump replacement in Taylorville, IL:

Frequent Repairs

Every system has the occasional problem that requires maintenance, but a system that consistently fails indicates the necessity for replacement. The expense of ongoing system repairs may be greater than the price of acquiring a new heating system. Furthermore, the inconveniences created by system failure may necessitate purchasing a replacement system.

Strange Noises

Your heat pump should run relatively quietly. If you notice loud screeching, grinding or rattling noises, it might be an indication of a significant problem. Have an HVAC service technician examine your system immediately.

Spike in Energy Costs

If you haven’t altered how you utilize your heating system and you’re still seeing a rise in your energy costs, it’s a sign that the unit is losing energy. If you do nothing, the situation will worsen. A sudden spike in your power bills indicates that it’s time to replace your heat pump.

Uneven Heating

If certain spaces in your home are consistently too hot or too cold in comparison to others, your heating system is malfunctioning. Your heating system should be able to maintain reliable and consistent temperatures throughout your home. Repairs should help ease such discrepancies, but if they don’t, you may have to replace your heat pump.

Age of Your Heating System

Even a well-maintained heating system will need replacing at some point. Most heating systems have a 10- to 15-year lifetime. As your unit ages, it becomes less efficient and requires more frequent maintenance. It might be more cost efficient to upgrade your heating system before a costly breakdown happens.

With years of expertise in heating repair and maintenance in Taylorville, IL, our team is here to keep you warm during winter. Contact Yard Heating & Cooling today for expert help with installing, repairing or maintaining your HVAC system.

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