Is Your Heat Pump in Rochester, IL, Crying Out for Help?

Your heat pump may run into problems while regulating temperatures in your Rochester, IL, home. Emitting unusual noises is how your system communicates to you that all is not well. We’ll cover some common heat pump noises and what they mean.

Gurgling Noises

Your heat pump uses refrigerant to transfer heat from inside to outside and vice versa. The refrigerant operates within the condenser and evaporator coils.

These coils may have an opening, allowing air to enter and causing the refrigerant to leak. As a result, you’ll hear gurgling noises.

It’s not advisable to fix refrigerant leaks by yourself. The fluid may cause harm to you and the environment; it’s crucial, therefore, to seek professional help.

Grinding Noises

Your system contains multiple moving parts. These parts need regular lubrication to continue functioning optimally.

You’ll hear grinding noises when there’s friction between these parts due to inadequate lubrication. When these parts continue to operate without proper lubrication, their wear and tear will increase. Regular maintenance helps to keep your heat pump well-lubricated.

Rattling Noises

Your system’s cover panels may loosen with time, causing the rattling noise as the system runs. Tightening any loose screws will make this problem go away. If you get a rattling noise yet your cover panels are in place, air handler problems or tight coolant piping could be the cause.

Metal-on-Metal Noises

One of your system’s internal components may become loose. As the fan blades rotate, they may come in contact with this loose part, making it sound like one piece of metal is hitting another. Consider turning off your unit as soon as you hear this noise to prevent more severe damage.

Contact Yard Heating & Cooling for excellent HVAC services to prevent heat pump noises or repair them. Our service technicians will carefully maintain and repair your system.

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