How a Clean Air Filter Helps With HVAC Efficiency

The primary function of an air filter is to trap impurities that flow through your HVAC system in Taylorville, IL. These impurities can include dust, dirt, pollen and pet dander. A clean air filter in your HVAC system will enhance its efficiency in the following ways:

Helps to Improve Airflow

When the air filter is clean, your HVAC system will move air freely. As a result, your home will warm up or cool down faster and your HVAC system will consume less energy. Your HVAC system doesn’t have to overwork to deliver heated or cooled air to your home. This also reduces the rate of wear and tear of HVAC components.

Protect HVAC Components From Damage

Your HVAC system’s air filter traps dust and debris to protect its components. Without the air filter, the dust and debris might damage the parts, limiting their operations.

If dust gets to the inner components of your HVAC system, it increases the repair and maintenance costs and can shorten its lifespan. An HVAC system that works efficiently without dust clogging parts will have a long operational life.

Better Indoor Air Quality

For your HVAC system to efficiently improve indoor air quality, the air filter needs to be clean and the right size and MERV rating. When in good working condition, it’ll trap small particulates and microorganisms from your indoor air. If you or a member of your family has issues with allergies, asthma or any other respiratory conditions, a good air filter enhances the effectiveness of your system in trapping allergens and other particles.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns

Our HVAC service technicians will help you size your air filter and choose the best MERV rating for your HVAC system. If all other components of your HVAC system are in good operational condition and you have a new or clean filter, you will see lower energy bills. Without clogging and wear and tear, your system operates consistently well.

You should clean or change your air filters every 90 days or every 30 days if you have pets. Call Yard Heating & Cooling to schedule maintenance or learn more about how to improve your indoor air quality with our selection of excellent products.

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