Do I Need a New Furnace in Chatham, IL?

Chatham, IL, temperatures can drop well below freezing in the winter and stay low through spring. When your furnace is on its last legs, you’ll notice some common issues that tell you when to replace it. Find out what signs you should watch for this season.

High Heating Bills

Heating bills vary based on the season, depending on the price your provider charges and how often you run your system. A sudden increase in your average bill is a big sign that your furnace needs to work harder than it should. With new furnace installation services, you can save on those bills.

Weird Noises

Furnaces often make a lot of noises as they age. Those noises can also signify you need a new heating system. Pay special attention to any new noises you hear, such as banging sounds when you light the pilot and crashing sounds as the system runs.

Uneven Heating

A good heating system will heat every room in your Chatham, IL, home as well as the next. A common sign you need a new furnace is when you experience uneven heating. This can result in different temperatures in each room as well as hot and cold spots appearing.

Signs of Damage

Other signs you need a new furnace include any damage you see around the unit itself. You don’t want to see rusting or corrosion on the exterior or any of the interior parts. Cracks in the case are another sign your heating system is on its way out.

Cycling Problems

Your furnace cycles, which causes it to turn on and off as needed to regulate your home’s temperature. If it runs all of the time, it may have a damaged blower. You should also replace a furnace that cycles more than it should.

Replace Your Furnace Easily

Turn to our experienced service technicians when you think you need a new furnace. Our team can inspect your old furnace and help you decide if you should replace it. Check out all of our services and call Yard Heating & Cooling to make your appointment.

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