Should You Replace Your Old HVAC Thermostat in Rochester, IL?

Replacing your old thermostat will help you improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, make your Rochester, IL, home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills. Below are some signs it’s time for a new HVAC thermostat.

The Thermostat is Analog

If you’re still using an analog thermostat, consider upgrading it to a programmable or smart model. These modern devices enable you to program your HVAC system to adjust temperatures automatically based on your preference or daily schedule.

Additionally, smart thermostats allow you to control your system remotely. Even if you choose to forego using the scheduling features they have, you’re still able to change the temperature when you’re away, such as if you forget to modify it before leaving for work or if you want to set it to start heating before you get home for the day.

HVAC System Constantly Turns On and Off

A thermostat communicates the indoor temperature to the HVAC system and commands it to release warm or cold air. When this device breaks down or becomes faulty, it may record temperatures inaccurately and send the wrong signals.

This can result in inaccurate heating and cooling, but it can also cause your HVAC system to turn on and off faster than it should or even stop powering on at all. You can prevent this issue by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance and hiring an expert to replace the thermostat.

Unusually High Energy Bills

You should hire a qualified service technician to check your HVAC thermostat if you notice that your energy costs keep increasing. Many of the issues caused by outdated thermostats can result in a spike in your energy bills.

An analog or faulty thermostat can interfere with your HVAC system efficiency and ability to maintain comfortable temperatures. Contact the certified service technicians at Yard Heating & Cooling for reliable HVAC repair services.

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