Where Are the Best Spots for My Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help homeowners control their HVAC systems via Wi-Fi technology. They still work similarly to their traditional counterparts, though, requiring ideal placement to help regulate your home’s temperature. Installing it in the proper place promotes efficient heating and cooling without temperature fluctuations causing issues. Here are some of the best places to install a smart thermostat in your Taylorsville, IL, home for optimal performance:

Install It Away From Heat Sources

Don’t install your smart thermostat near windows or doors because of drafts that can alter the temperature readings of the thermostat, which will send the wrong signals to your HVAC system and potentially waste energy. Ideally, you shouldn’t install the thermostat in the kitchen, where heat from cooking can make it “think” your home is warmer than the actual temperature. An HVAC professional can assess your home and help you choose the best location.

Install It In the Same Place as the Old One

Installing the smart thermostat on an interior wall in your Taylorsville, IL, home will prevent outdoor temperatures from influencing your thermostat’s reading. You want the thermostat to get an accurate temperature reading of the room to keep your heating and cooling systems operating efficiently. Most people install their new smart thermostat in the same place as their old one to avoid rewiring complications.

Install It in the Living Room

One of the best places for a smart thermostat is on an interior wall in the living room. Install the thermostat in the path of least resistance and keep it away from heat sources, such as fireplaces.

Call Yard Heating & Cooling for all your needs for AC installation in Taylorsville, IL. We will help you find the ideal placement for your smart thermostat so you can rest assured that its location isn’t causing any problems.

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