Why Doesn’t My Furnace Ever Stop Running?

It’s abnormal for a furnace to run continuously. If it does and a simple settings adjustment or flip of a switch doesn’t work, a service technician may need to come in to evaluate the problem. Keep reading to learn more about why your furnace is constantly running in Rochester, IL.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Cranking up your thermostat won’t speed up the time it takes your home to get warm; all you’re accomplishing is extending the time your system runs. A furnace continuously running can be detrimental its components as it could cause them to wear out faster. The longer the system runs, the more energy it consumes. Put your thermostat on your standard setting rather than cranking it up.

Using the Wrong Fan Settings

Your thermostat allows you to control your furnace’s fan through two settings: “Auto” and “On.” When the fan is in the “On” setting, it continuously runs, potentially creating an uncomfortable temperature within the home. In the “Auto” setting, the fan operates only when your furnace is heating your rooms, making it the better option between the two.

You Have a Faulty Fan Limit Switch

A fan limit switch turns the blower on when the heating cycle starts and off when it ends, helping to distribute the heated air into your living space. If you have set the fan limit switch to “Manual” instead of “Auto,” it could cause the fan to run continuously.

A malfunctioning fan limit switch may also cause it to run without stopping. If this seems to be the issue, a service technician can inspect and repair the problem.

Reach out to Yard Heating & Cooling whenever you need heating services. We can diagnose the problem and come up with a solution to get your home back to a comfortable temperature in no time.

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