3 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Home’s Air Quality

Studies show that people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. This facilitates the need for good indoor air quality in Chatham, IL. If you have any of these habits, you’re lowering your home’s IAQ and you may not even realize it:

Lack of Ventilation

Today’s homes are very well-built and energy-efficient compared to homes built in previous generations. Sealing air leaks and keeping outdoor noise in check is great. But the problem is that today’s homes are so well-sealed that the air inside literally has nowhere to go.

As a result, your indoor air becomes stale without proper ventilation. Adding a ventilator to your HVAC system will push out air and gasses and bring in fresh outside air.

Infrequent Pet Bathing and Grooming

Indoor pets are a joy to have in the family, but they pose a serious threat to your indoor air quality. While cleaning up after your pet is a daily task and high priority, equally important is regularly bathing and grooming your pet, especially dogs.

Since dogs tend to track in dirt, dust and other contaminants – and spread them to every surface in every room in your home – bathing them regularly can contribute to fewer pet odors and cleaner indoor air. Replacing your HVAC filters every one to two months will also help reduce pet odors.

Failure to Maintain Your HVAC System

Neglecting regular HVAC maintenance impacts your home’s air quality. Since your HVAC system also filters the indoor air, maintaining it properly and changing your filters regularly are crucial to maintaining IAQ.

If any of these bad IAQ habits look familiar, change them immediately. For IAQ solutions for your home, contact Yard Heating & Cooling and set up a consultation today. We’ll ensure your home has clean and healthy air during the holiday season and beyond.

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